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December 1, 2002

Current Events from a Biblical Perspective

I'll be adding Bible Doctrine News to my list of sites to check regularly. If you're tired of CNN's world view, you can't beat this as an alternative interpretation. Larry Wood, a retired NASA engineer and pastor, has developed a scheme for making sense of the world in his daily reports on "battles in Spiritual Warfare as they pop up on the World Stage". Here, for example, is what was really happening on November 29:

"NASA held a change of command ceremony as the Expedition 6 crew took over the Space Station from the Expedition 5 crew. This is significant because the curse of Baal was associated with the Expedition 5 command, where 5 stands for the giant, Baal. Yesterday's bee swarm in Los Angeles was a curse of a cosmic stronghold related to the terrorist attacks on Israel. Bees represent male rapists, which correspond to a breakdown in Marriage Culture. A swarm represents the cosmic stronghold of an invading army."

Well, of course it does! Updated daily. [via the Psychoceramics list]