December 26, 2002

Holyland in Ruins

No, not the real one. Today I came on an article describing someone's visit to Holyland USA, the decrepit mini-city built by a single obsessed man back in my home town. Holyland was perched on Pine Hill, a 400 foot high lump that I could see from my bedroom window, and through binoculars I could watch busloads of the devout lining up to get a taste of Bethlehem without the jet lag. Holyland was never well built, and began to fall apart almost immediately after its creator's death in the 80s. By now it's a dangerous debris field with rebar and plywood sticking out everywhere ready to pierce the uncareful walker. Another site contains the disturbing pictures. All is calm, all is bright... not.

For a cheerier set of images, see this wonderful page of QuickTime VR showing Christmas all over the globe.


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