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December 25, 2002

A Simple Christmas

Turns out that it's hard to find a Christmas tree after 4pm on Christmas Eve. Who knew?

We've all been so busy this month that I put this off until beyond the last minute. But we had to have a tree, so forged ahead to any store that was still open. At Lowe's I got a little schefflera just in case I couldn't find anything else. Then next door at IKEA, I got an artificial tree marked down to $10 for some reason along with some Swedish straw decorations to hang on the schefflera. So instead of the usual 7 foot pine, we had two half-trees. Not bad.

Though I was late for tree shopping, I was earlier than usual with present shopping and did most of it online. I got June a tea set and a George Forman grill so that we can cook together and eat home more often. Alex got a lot of books, including the first Riverworld novel, lessons in Esperanto and Hawaiian, Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud, and the Lord of the Rings 4-DVD set. Alex picked out Minority Report on DVD for me, which I had already bought for him. Some of the books didn't arrive in time for Christmas, but they'll be here soon enough. We got some catnip scented bubble stuff for Pumpkin, who was very blase about it all. We opened most of our presents at June's Mom's place and all four of us went to Baleen for a Christmas feast. All in all, a right-sized, low-stress day.