January 08, 2003

Hawai'i Day Four

Not an eventful day. Alex, poor kid, was ill all night with a fever and cough. June stayed with him while I went to the conference. I did my part of a panel discussion about best practices in education and got lots of nice strokes from some of the participants. One said that WebQuests were serving as a rationale for schools around her in Connecticut getting themselves wired. Another said that it was being widely adopted for teacher education in Singapore. Still another said that she'd been doing something similar in Manitoba until she happened on my site and has since been teaching teachers the WebQuest way with great success. The best question from the group asked about maintaining the quality of the links on the site and continuing to scale it up. I said a few things about the forthcoming WebQuest Portal that are specifically there to address that problem. It verified to me that I'm working on the right stuff.

June and I walked down to the beach and then went to Keo's, a Thai restaurant highly recommended by Diane Lapp and Doug Fisher who I bumped into at the converence. Had a green papaya salad, deep fried whole red snapper in green chile sauce and opaka opaka. Yum!

Tonight Alex gets Nyquilled into oblivion in hopes that rest will put him in good stead for more tourism tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

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