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January 7, 2003

Hawai'i Day Three

I woke up at 7AM to watch Steve Jobs keynote at MacWorld. Couldn't get the QuickTime stream, but I joined a chat room where others were able to see it so I got each bit of news 10 seconds later. It was more eventful than I'd been expecting. The Keynote software looks terrific and I ordered it immediately. They've also added the Ken Burns-type feature into iMovie that I've been lusting after. That will serve me well in my EDTEC 470 class this semester. The new 17 inch PowerBook looks great, too. I think Apple is ahead of most in realizing that there's a growing number of people like me who never use a desktop anymore.

By the time we were all up, it was clear that Alex and I weren't feeling that well. After a late start we headed toward the north shore, but (we HAVE to get a better map) we missed an exit and ended up having lunch near the western shore of Oahu. By this time I realized that I'd left the camera battery charging back at the hotel, I was feeling achy and grumpy, and we decided to postpone the circuminsular expedition until Thursday.

Instead, we took a more modest tour of The Contemporary Museum, a very nice spot overlooking Honolulu, then headed back and crashed. It was dinner time before I felt well enough to venture out again, and J & I explored Waikiki while Alex stayed in. Tomorrow I'm at the conference for my panel presentation. A good night's sleep will remedy things, I hope.