February 06, 2003

Interesting Finds

One of the reasons I started blogging was to nail down things I found around the web before I forget them. That said, here are some cool new links.

  1. NewsQuakes - A world map showing the epicenters of each hour's headlines.

  2. A Dove's Guide: How to be an Honest Critic of the War

  3. United for Peace - Want to know where to go on Feb 15 to voice your opposition? I'll be in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Watch for the tall guy near the back of the crowd.

  4. A new random poem every time you refresh your screen from the Poetry Archives @ eMule.com

  5. And finally, something that's either complete baloney or something that will change everything about your daily life. A zero point energy device has been developed by an anonymous inventor and is being closely examined for bogosity. I'm betting on bogus, but always ready to be astounded.



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