February 15, 2003

Manifestación contra la guerra en San Juan

I'd estimate that there were around 500 protesters here in San Juan today. Interesting combination of middle aged socialists and college kids and a few like Normal Me. They did some kind of guerrilla theater with a birdlike guy on stilts (America? War?) assaulting a woman on stilts (Innocence? Peace? Iraq?) and then the parade began. We marched in a block-long loop behind barriers so as not to disrupt traffic. There were drums and whistles, and drivers honking their support as they went by; the protest was driven by a samba beat. Much more fun than the kind of marching and chanting I did against Vietnam led by Massachusetts college boys with no rhythm at all.

More pictures available here.

Just as in the 60s, I soon got tired of being part of a mass, danceable though it was. I was glad to be there to show my support, but with ears ringing I moved on after an hour. June and Alex marched in San Diego, too. I think the next protests are going to be even bigger now that the silence has been broken.



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