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February 23, 2003

Recent Finds

I haven't had much surfing time lately, but here are a few things that have caught my eye.

  • Caring for Your Introvert from The Atlantic. Describes how society so cruelly misconstrues us.
  • Free Online Spanish Lessons - Nicely done in Flash. A teaser for a boatload of CDROMs that I'm tempted to get.
  • The Classical Language Instruction Project at Princeton - Hear Homer, Plato, Virgil and others in the original Greek and Latin.
  • Improving Hill Tribe Education with Solar Power - The chronicle of an IQP (interactive qualifying project) of a student at WPI, my alma mater. It tickles me to see that IQPs are still going strong, as helping faculty figure out what they were was my first post-Peace Corps job in the 70s. What an adventure for a college kid!
  • The Republic of Cascadia - A not-too-serious call for a new nation made up of British Columbia, Washington and Oregon. It's interesting to wonder, though, when the map of North America will be redrawn. Nothing lasts forever.
  • eSKUeL - A PHP script that does everything that phpmyadmin does, only better. Very nice!