March 16, 2003

Future Fetish

Wired has a sampling of gadgets they hope we'll have by 2013. This one's my favorite:

Apple redefined the desktop, laptop, and MP3 player. The next insanely great thing: an LCD arm cuff that includes a PDA, wireless Internet, a mini iPod, and, of course, a phone. The iPhone bracelet's motion sensor allows you to scroll through apps and files with the flick of a wrist; its clasp holds a digicam for use during video calls; and its wireless ear clip lets you listen and speak to callers. And everything can be done via voice recognition or touchscreen.

Actually, I think we'll have something like this long before 2013. Think of where we were ten years ago: 50Mhz CPUs; 9600 baud modems, and 100 Mb hard drives filling a desktop. Moore's Law rules for at least the next decade.



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