March 22, 2003


After keeping CNN on all night for the last two nights, I've got to move my mind elsewhere. This weekend, in fact, my mind was scheduled to be out of this world. The whole family was slated to go to the UFO symposium in Aztec, New Mexico. Why?... you may well ask. It's because I like flipping my head back and forth between wonder and skepticism. There's a 1% chance that something strange is going on in the skies and that's enough to keep me interested. For the other 99%, I thought the conference would provide a terrific case study in illogic, gullibility and lies, and it seemed to me that dissecting all that would be a hoot for Alex and me. He seems, though, to have a fine-tuned crap detector already without needing a field trip.

But then Pumpkin, the family feline, started to need more attention for her chronic renal failure, and June volunteered to stay behind for that. And then both Alex and June got whomped with nasty colds. So the trip is off and I'm left to imagine what we're missing. Maybe next year.

Meanwhile, I found a few interesting sites to divert myself. is designed to give an introduction to writing systems. There are lots of antique scribbles to look at and it's interesting to try to figure out how they might have evolved. The site is maintained by a computer guy who just has this amateur (loving) obsession with the topic. I could imagine Alex doing something like this, too.

Photo Friday is a site that posts a challenge once a week to photographers. This week's challenge is "blue", so I contributed one of the pictures I took in San Juan last month. That should be blue enough. I signed up to receive a new challenge every Friday. Seems like a good way to encourage a little creativity each weekend. Finding this site reminded me that I hadn't visited Photographica in awhile. That's another online community of photobugs and well worth a look.

And finally, may I modestly point out Cool Tools: GPS, a new exercise I just ginned up for my EDTEC 570 class. We did it last week and it was fun getting outdoors away from the lab for once. Cool Tool #2 next week will be blogging.


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