April 27, 2003

Zooming Through Portland

Spent parts of Thursday and Friday in Portland for five hours on stage at the Northwest Council for Computing Education. It was my second quick trip there, and now I've spent a total of 48 hours in Oregon. Seemed like a very liveable city: good food, beautiful rivers and bridges, courteous, positive people, and a light rail system that took me all the way back to the airport for $1.55. Hope to spend more time there someday.

In the dead time between my two Friday sessions, I wandered through the vendor area and saw nothing new except Mediator 7 which collected quite a crowd of paying customers. What does it do? It claims to let you create interactive presentations in a jiffy and export them as DHTML or Flash for CDROM or web delivery. Just what I need to get EDTEC 570 ready for going online over the next three weeks. Unfortunately it's Windows only, but I'm willing to stoop in order to get the job done. The box should arrive Wednesday. We'll see!



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