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July 5, 2003

"Are You Living?"

That's what Peggy O'Brien, Executive Director of Cable in the Classroom, wrote me after a very long stretch of my not returning emails or phone calls. Given this 6 week hiatus from blogging and other forms of communicating, I don't blame her for imagining that I was now in Hell welcoming Strom Thurmond to the next phase of his career.

But I'm not there yet. I live.

My excuse is that I've been armpit-deep in two things: putting EDTEC 570 online and ready for 130 students, and getting the new WebQuest Portal up and running. It's been busy and satisfying, and I've spent the last two days mostly sleeping. Now, finally, it feels like Summer has begun and I can put some more time into non-core tasks. I'll be posting more often now.