September 11, 2003

A Different Anniversary


"On September 11, 1776, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Edward Rutledge were sent by the Continental Congress to met with Admiral Howe at the Conference House in Staten Island, New York. Their mission was to avoid a war. After only three hours the meeting ended. They failed!

What could have happened that day? That's what our project is all about. The goal of this project is for students to learn how to negotiate and try to come up with a treaty that could have avoided the American Revolution! A good way to conduct the project is via email. If you use email you can negotiate with other students or classes down the hall or around the world!"

Seems like a worthy project that more educators should know about. Could be the inspiration for an Alternative History WebQuest. There's an excellent page about how to negotiate that would be a good resource for projects dealing with other disputes. [Thanks to Pete MacKay's Teacher List for the link]


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