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October 27, 2003

Dangerous Air

The fires in our part of town are under control, but far to the north, south and east of here the blazes continue. The air finally cleared enough at 11AM that the sun cast a wan shadow. A few hours later, though, the sickly yellow-gray overcast returned. Here's the view looking down our street.

Alex and I stayed indoors all day. June went out briefly for more groceries. Everything smells like camping out and we've all got headaches. Several students and friends have written to say they'd been evacuated.

All schools and universities were closed today. School is cancelled for tomorrow as well, mostly out of concern for kids getting their lungs full of all this. And just as I was writing this, SDSU announced that it's closed tomorrow, too. The Santa Ana condition is weakening, so it looks as though the worst is behind us. I know that when we finally get some clear skies and fresh air blowing in from the ocean I'm going to look up, breathe deep and savor it.