October 03, 2003

Flying Saucer over Waterbury

I just unwrapped my new copy of EndNote and was noodling through the Library of Congress. Just as a test, I typed in Waterbury as a search term. Near the top of the 216 items found was this:Flying Saucer over East Main Street, Waterbury, Connecticut, 18 June, 1954. Holy crow! This is looking right up the street toward my inner-city homestead. Who knew?

All you see on the site, though, is this thumbnail. You can't tell if the UFO is from Zeta Reticuli, Epsilon Eridani, or one of those spiffy ones with the tail fins from Cygni 61. I guess I'll pony up the $22 for an 8x10 of this to satisfy my curiosity while helping to pay down the national debt.



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