November 08, 2003

Blog Cuisine

There's something appealing about cooking from a recipe that comes from someone you read online. Even though there are exactly six trajillion recipes available on the web (here, for example), I love it when I see a dish in someone's blog and cook it for myself. Knowing a little about the source humanizes it somehow, making it seem more high-touch than cooking from a soul-less web page.

Today's example comes from ze frank's blog, the October 22 recipe for chili, to be specific. Two kinds of beans, two bottles of ale, habanero sauce, carrots, red bell pepper... it sounded promising and ended up tasting great even though my family decided early in the cooking that it looked like a science experiment. There's lots left over and it's supposed to be better the next day.

It's a kick to know that I've replicated one small aspect of the amazing creativity of the guy who came up with How to Dance Properly, and Your Mama and Letter Project and ouch and Draw Toy vs. Byokal and Chinese Dragon and oranges and the Pre-Date Confidence Builder and lots more. Someday I have to learn Flash and how to dance like that.


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