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November 2, 2003

Return to Normal

The wind changed Wednesday, bringing fog and dark clouds and humidity. By Friday things were feeling more like usual, except that Winter has arrived all at once. It actually rained a little on Friday and today, something that hasn't happened since last May. Now we have fluffy cumulus clouds coming in from the ocean punctuating a bright blue sky.

On Halloween night we continued a longstanding tradition of going to our friends' house in Chula Vista. Their neighborhood has far more kids than ours, and it's fun to watch all the kids toddle up for their sugar fix. Alex and his buds didn't dress up; instead they played Magic the Gathering out in the driveway as the parents greeted the trick or treaters and chatted.

I don't know anyone who got much done this past week, even with days off from classes and work. The tension, cabin fever, and raw lungs sapped our energies. School resumes tomorrow after a nine-day weekend, and my university classes will be back in full swing, too. I've got to figure out today what to drop and how to reschedule. Suddenly the end of the semester doesn't seem so far away!