November 22, 2003


This must be a wonderful place in the summer. A pretty skyline along a river under a big blue sky, interesting architecture, lots of open space. The river was partly frozen with mist rising out of the liquid part. Even at this time of year I could see its charms.

I did two workshops and a keynote for SACE, the Saskatchewan Association for Computing Education. Very receptive audience.

On Friday I was toured around by Daryl Koroluk, the tech coordinator for the city schools. The high point was a visit to the Wanuskewin Heritage Park, a museum and interpretive center place at the edge of a cliff where Cree and other tribes used to get buffalo herds to jump off and leave this mortal coil and enter their hungry stomachs. The picture above depicts the creation myth that the first buffalo emerged from the rocks.

Ended the day with the best Indian meal I've had in years at the Taj Mahal: samosas, pakoras, stuffed parantha, nawabi badami murgha, gosht palak, and some outstanding ice cream spiced with cardamon and rose water. The family that runs it comes from Punjab via Kenya and they're all there working. If I lived in Saskatoon I'd be eating there at least once a week.

More pictures here.



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