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January 1, 2004

Another Year

Following the lead of Alex, I'm starting the new year with a list of things I hope to do in this space in 2004:
  • Daily postings... not the biweekly trailing off of recent times
  • More links. There's a long list I've been hoarding.
  • More tales of travel. This year I'll be going to Romania, Hong Kong, Brazil and New Zealand, so there should be lots to talk about.

But for today, not much to report. Watched the pilot episode of Leave it to Beaver today along with about 3 hours of Twilight Zone. Got to watch Alex's face as he saw "To Serve Man" for the first time and remember what it a kick it was back in 1961 when the ending was a surprise. And June made enormous popovers for breakfast

Wishing for a Happy 2004 for us all!