January 10, 2004

Colorful Living

When I was a kid, my buddy George Snyder and I rigged up three flashlight bulbs with a battery and three rheostats. We put red, green and blue cellophane over the lights and aimed them at a white sheet of paper. The idea was that by adjusting the rheostats like volume controls we would be able to create every possible color. We hoped to discover brand new colors never before seen by Man or named by Woman. I don't remember what happened but I think this project, like those of other 13 year olds, petered out somewhere short of a Nobel Prize-winning breakthrough.

I'm reminded of that after seeing this Vos Pad Apartment of the Future. Apparently soon you'll be able to change the colors of your home lighting to anything you want thanks to the miracle of LEDs as pictured here. Personally, I'd have a bit less purple.



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