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January 7, 2004

ERIC's Ghost

Educators everywhere mourned last year when the discontinuation of the AskERIC service was announced. In December, the site went to byte heaven. I was particularly disappointed since I fondly remember my two years as a grad assistant back in the Disco Era for the organization that hatched AskERIC .

I was glad to see, though, that a new page, The Educator's Reference Desk, has taken up some of the slack. It's hosted by the Information Institute of Syracuse, a direct descendent of the old ERIC/iR Clearinghouse I worked for. You can't post questions that ERIC researchers will look up for you any more, but you can look at the archived questions and answers, search the ERIC database, and plunder a database of over 2000 lesson plans. Bookmark this, fellow mind-growers. It will help you find answers to all things educational.