January 04, 2004

Getting Lucky

Given the first-of-the-year self-improvement musing that afflicts us all each January, I was intrigued by The Loser's Guide to Getting Lucky on the BBC site. It describes studies done by Richard Wiseman comparing people who described themselves as "lucky" with those who thought of themselves as "unlucky". From that he derived a number of general tips for turning yourself into a lucky dog. Several books ensued.

What's the secret? Stay open to possibilities. Remind yourself of your successes. Look for the silver lining. Change your routine; do something out of the ordinary. Trust your gut.

In designing a new course for this coming semester I'm doing a lot of reading about creative problem-solving. A lot of the same advice applies to that, too. So add to my list of secret resolutions for 2004: get luckier.

(Actually, I feel pretty lucky as is. Couldn't hurt to try harder, though.)


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