January 16, 2004

Oklahoma City

Had a great day here doing a keynote and four breakouts for the Lead Technology Educator program here. Great group, well prepared for this and ready to move forward. Scott McAdoo and the other people leading the group have done some very clever things to make it easy for teachers to create WebQuests. Rather than running them through the gauntlet of web editing and FTP, they set up a system called QuickWeb that allows them to use Word templates to start their WebQuest and publish them by dragging and dropping them into their own web space. They've even set the LTEs up with space for their own blogs. Very with it.

After the conference, Don Wilson and Dawn Danker took me to see the memorial downtown for the victims of the terrorist bombing in 1995.

Dined with Don and Dawn at a cajun place in Bricktown before flying out. Maybe another time I'll get to visit the nearby Daiquiri Zone Sports Bar, a concept I'll need to see to understand.


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