February 25, 2004

Groundhog Day in Missouri

Having a great time here in Columbia, Missouri doing workshops for eMINTS. This is the seventh or eighth time I've been back here, and each time I am impressed by the solidity of the organization and the with-it-ness of the people in charge. eMINTS has set up technology-rich classrooms and trained hundreds of teachers all over the state and now it's poised to go national. Already there is an eMINTS spinoff in Utah and there's interest elsewhere.

For me, it's fun to come back here each time. The structure here is that for each of three days a different group of about 70 teachers comes and cycles through three different sessions about WebQuesting. I'm doing my hour and a half on design patterns nine times and I feel a little like Bill Murray every morning when I wake up, though in a good way.



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