March 07, 2004

Utah, Nevada and Home

It's been a busy few days. I did keynotes for UCET in Salt Lake City (Friday) and NETL in Reno (Saturday). There was snow on the ground and in the mountains around both places. Got a guided tour of Temple Square, met some wonderful teachers and came back with more ideas for the WebQuest to-do list.

While staying in a casino hotel in Reno, I serenely walked past all the slots as usual without being even slightly tempted to play. In the long run, of course, the house wins, and I snortled at those mathematically challenged folks feeding their rent money into the machines.

But then I had some time to kill at the airport and having run out of magazines to not buy and fast food to not eat, I settled down in front of a video poker thing and fed a dollar bill into it. Poker, I figured, requires at least a little bit of skill and so it should be possible to do better than chance. So over the course of a half hour I spent $10 and when it came time to catch my plane I was up to $13. I cashed out and started to do the math: I made $3 in 30 minutes. That's about minimum wage. If I'd bet $2000 instead of $10, I would have cleared $600 per hour. I could work one 8-hour shift a week and clear $240,000 a year which should be enough for now. Why doesn't everyone do this?



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