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April 20, 2004

Stepping Away from the Keyboard

Last night was one of my favorite parts of EDTEC 570. I got us all out of the lab and out running around the campus doing a GPS-based scavenger hunt. Two teams competed for a box of cookies to be the first to return with all 4 questions answered.

It was fun to do something different. I've got to set some time aside to design a more educationally sound version that could be used outside the class. Maybe a history-based hunt in Old Town or Balboa Park. Or something involving writers who have lived in San Diego. Now that some people have web access via their cell phones, I suppose I could do something that involves physical clues at the scene combined with Google searches to get the next clue. Ah, if only Bill Gates would give me a fellowship to sit around doing stuff like this. (I still wouldn't use Windows, though.)