May 14, 2004

Does This Template Make Me Look Fat?

One thing leads to another. I decided to try Blogger's new features, but to add comments I had to start from scratch because i had customized my old layout so much.

Then, since I chose to take advantage of Blogger's new capability of saving each old entry as a standalone document, my whole site got bigger.---> which pushed me over the 10Mb limit on free space at Earthlink ---> which forced me to pick up the whole blog and move it to one of my many paid-for servers. So here I am. A much easier transition than the one I went through from Radio Userland to Blogger. Do we like the new look?


At 7:32 AM, Anonymous said...

Hey Bernie, I think the new layout is great and it suits you well...meaning you don't look fat :) I hadn't blogged in awhile and finally am blogging and keeping up with fellow bloggers once again. Have a great summer! I'll be keeping up with you via blogging so keep it up :)



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