May 29, 2004

Hong Kong Day 2

Another busy day. After another multi-course lunch near campus, I did a 3-hour workshop. The evaluation forms from the participants were very positive but it was a very different experience from my end. Emotional restraint, respect for authority, a lack of history of talking in class or working in groups... all these combined to make it feel more like a church service than what I'm used to. Still, my hosts tell me it went well and I'm willing to believe them.

After the workshop we drove to Stanley on the southern end of Hong Kong Island. Did some looking through the open-air market nearby and felt the usual competing urges to buy everything in sight or nothing. I leaned more towards nothing and decided to buy a limited number of nice things each with a recipient in mind. (Now that I'm looking at this picture of pearls, though, I wish I had bought some rather than just staring at them.) After that we had a fabulous Thai dinner in Murray House, one of the original colonial buildings that was moved here from the central city to preserve it.

One more stop after dinner: Victoria Peak. From there you can look down at all of it. Pictures don't do it justice but here's one anyway.

I've uploaded 71 pictures from my first two days, and you can see them here.



At 12:40 AM, Anonymous said...

Dear Professor, glad to see you in hongkong. Does HK an amazing place?
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From tychau


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