May 06, 2004

IQ and the 2000 Election

OK... I've gotten over the 2000 election. Really. But THIS is a satisfying little chart.

The relationship between voting Democrat and higher IQ looks pretty clear. Ravens Advanced Progressive Matrices is a long established test of something or other that at least vaguely looks like intelligence. Because it's visual rather than verbal it's less susceptible to variations in English language ability.

I've spent all of my American life (minus two years in Africa) in states #1, 2, 4 and 14. In that order. Guess I'm heading into dumbth as I get older. [Thanks to MetaFilter for the link]

Postscript: Hmmmm. Perhaps this is too funny to be true. The American Assembler source is now backpedalling about the source of the IQ data. Thanks to an astute and cranky reader for pointing this out.



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