May 23, 2004

Today, I am a Bozo

Perhaps on other days, too, but today the evidence is clear. Here was my to do list for the day: 1) Take several boxes of books from my home office to my SDSU office; 2) Pick up Alex's classmate Will in South Park and drive them both to interview someone in Kensington for their video documentary on gay rights. 3) Go to a graduation party at the home of my first completed doc student. 4) Work on a grant proposal for NSF.

What demonstrates my bozoitude? First, we loaded up the car with books and headed to campus. We were almost there when I belatedly remembered that on Sundays the building elevator is turned off. No way am I dragging all these books up three flights of stairs... so mission aborted. Then, I memorized Will's address and printed out a map from Yahoo to get us there. Unfortunately I memorized it with the first two digits reversed, so we arrived 18 blocks north of where we were going and had to zig and zag around several canyons to get to the right place. That added ten minutes to the flight. We finally arrived at the address in Kensington for the interview and knocked on the door several times. No one there. I called June at home and had her check my email. Turns out that I had mapped the work address of our interviewee, but we had agreed to meet at her home... another schlep away. We arrived a half hour late.

After all these wrong turns and dead ends, I was looking forward to the party. June and I arrived at the house all gussied up, flowers in hand, and wondering why there weren't a lot of cars parked nearby. No sign, either, of the live music mentioned on the invitation. So when the door opened our surprised host told us that the party was yesterday.

Clearly I'm losing my marbles. I'm hoping it's post-semester traumatic stress rather than early onset senility. I'm wary of working on the grant proposal tonight, though, for fear of the streak continuing. Instead of NSF funding us for $300,000, I'm afraid I'll end up owing them money.

I'm going to bed early to put this day out of its misery.



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