May 18, 2004

What's Hot in Cyberspace?

Today Drudge linked to the headline Nick Berg is Number One Search Term With Web Users, and that reminded me that I had stopped checking the Lycos 50 regularly as I used to. Building on my theme last week of listening to the world, here's a list of resources that show you what people are searching for and blogging about:

  • The Lycos 50. I don't know anyone who still uses Lycos as a search engine, but apparently they're out there. This is a weekly list of the top things being searched for, along with a Billboard-style indicator of how many weeks they've been on the list and which direction they're heading. Nick Berg tops the list.

  • Nick Berg is also #1 on the Yahoo! Buzz Index. This one breaks things down into short sublists by category: Overall, Television, Music, Sports, Actors and Actresses, Movies, and Video Games.

  • Google Zeitgeist shows the hottest 10 and coolingest 10 queries of the week, along with monthly and yearly summaries.

  • If you can't wait for a weekly summary, check MetaSpy to get a sampling of queries that MetaCrawler has handled during the last 15 seconds. You look at some of these things and have to wonder what the story is behind them.

  • Finally, the world of blogging. DayPop Top Posts shows the pages most widely linked to by bloggers each day. Lots of navelgazing blogging about blogging, and the rest is politics and techie toys. DayPop also list the news stories that are most linked-to.

  • Technorati also tracks the news items, current events, books and other blogs that bloggers are talking about. I actually like this one better than DayPop.

So there it is. You don't have to go anywhere or talk to anyone to see what's hot. Peeping into the world's thoughts has never been easier and it's tempting to spend a lot of time this way.

Alternatively we can all get back to work and do something that others will write about or search for. I better get back to grading.


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