June 17, 2004

Hong Kong again, then home

An early morning flight from Taipei took me back to Hong Kong. Originally I was then going to transfer from there to my flight back home but then my best friend from college, Joe Doran, intervened. He comes to this area every six weeks or so to check on the manufacturing being done here for his family company in Massachusetts and as it happens he was to be in Hong Kong on the day I was leaving. He convinced me to change the ticket and hang out for an extra day. We had a great time at the Hong Kong Museum of Art and hitting the Temple Street Night Market again where I snatched up chopstick sets, table runners, t-shirts and other gifts and for $12 a new suitcase to carry it all home in. We ended the day at Delaney's, a place so familiar to Joe that I expected everyone to yell out his name as we entered. Joe's getting more Irish every year.

Thanks to tail winds, the flight to San Francisco was only 4 movies long, and thanks to the International Date Line, I arrived on the same morning that I left. I had been completely free of jet lag in China but the Universe balanced that out when I got home. I've been waking up in the middle of the night and falling asleep in the afternoons all week since I got back and thus not getting much done or being much fun to be with.

One highlight of the past week was a videoconference with the people I met in Romania last February. Using iVisit, we managed to hook up 8 sites in Spain, Romania, Italy, Poland and Finland for a 2 hour conversation. There were audio problems that I think we can overcome next time, but seeing the faces added a lot and made it worthwhile. I'm beginning to be a believer in videoconferencing on a shoestring.



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