June 02, 2004

Hong Kong Days 5 & 6

Spent Day 5 doing some SDSU work and tweaking my presentation for Wednesday. The culinary highlight of the day was lunch at McDonald's where, in addition to Big Macs, they have Salmon Poppets... little fish McNuggets that weren't half bad. There's an interesting generational divide here in the fast food world: no one over 18 was at McDonald's either in front of the counter or behind. I felt very august.

The keynote was first thing on Day 6. The audience had the same reserve as I've seen before but I managed to get a couple of laughs out of the more fluent English speakers. It must have gone over fairly well because for the rest of the day people were asking to have their picture taken with me. Really! 20 or 30 times. Towards the end I was asking $10 per picture and they were stuffing bills down my shirt. OK, that last part's not entirely true.

Later in the day we piled into buses and went to Aberdeen for the conference banquet. It was held at Hong Kong Jumbo Floating Restaurant, a combination of a palace and a moored ship that you need to get to by a small ferry. Ten courses of wonderfulness. I really don't think I'll need to eat again for a few weeks. I'll probably have to pay extra airfare on the way home for all the extra tonnage I'm gaining.

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