June 07, 2004

Two Days in Taiwan

The blur continues. First a drive through Taipei and a Thai lunch. Next stop was the National Palace Museum in Taipei where loads of treasures from the Forbidden City were brought here by the Nationalists fleeing the mainland. Who knows what would have been lost in the cultural revolution if they hadn't. Lots of wonderful paintings, carvings, and incredibly intricate objects made of jade, ivory, gold, porcelain, and bone.

Then, a highlight of the whole trip, I got to spend some time with Frances and Jasper Wu, friends of the Dodges for over 10 years. We met on the first day of Kindergarten at the Waldorf School as we each dropped off our kids for the first time. Since then they have become members of our extended family. Frances' parents treated us to a feast at a traditional Taiwanese restaurant. Many unfamiliar dishes, all good.

The next day I did two presentations, one at National Central University in the morning and then on to National Taiwan Normal University in the afternoon. All went well. After an incredibly good Japanese meal with my host, Tak-Wai Chan, we finished the day in a brainstorming session with his doctoral students working on game-like and WebQuest-y applications of EduClick, a device they've developed for collecting input from students in a classroom in realtime. Great fun. We went up close to 11pm. Tomorrow (at 7am) I fly back to Hong Kong.

More pictures here.



At 4:43 PM, Menino said...

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At 4:43 PM, Menino said...

well asia its a good place i think, ive never been there but thailand it's on my travel's map.

have a great day!



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