July 01, 2004

Up, up and away.

A densely packed 24 hours. We got together for dinner last night with old friend Don Gettner and Kathy and just as it was the last time, it was nice to slip easily into conversation with someone you know well. The food at Anthony's, though, seems to have gone downhill a bit.

Then a flurry of wrapping up old business so that we can leave home without worries. This morning I took Alex to the DMV, the seventh circle of Hell, so that he could take the test and get his learner's permit. He passed, of course, so later this summer we'll move on to the next phase of behind-the-wheel lessons. Another life milestone looming ahead.

And then, at last, we boarded the plane for New York. We're staying in midtown at Le Parker Meridien for three days, then heading up into New England for a couple of weeks. This will be a very welcome break!


At 8:56 AM, Anonymous said...

Mr. Dodge

My name is Frances Mendoza. I took edtech 570 2003.
Just to let you know that I truly enjoy reading all your articles, postings, in Blog. I am very impressed with all that you do, and all that you've seen. I'm Jealous! Unfortunately I don't have time to constantly read Blog, but when I do there's always something new, and interesting to learn. Thank You Vety Much for sharing all of your experiences and opinions with the world.
Thanks again,
Frances Mendoza

At 10:48 PM, Bernie Dodge said...

Nice to hear from you, Frances. Thanks for stopping by!


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