August 09, 2004

Alex Now Wiser

This morning the A-Boy had all four wisdom teeth removed. They knocked him out for less than an hour, and then summoned us in to see him lying down, out cold. Once they got him upright, he was quite a sight: eyes rolling back, blood-smeared teeth, groggy. We brought him home for a full day of TV watching, laptop surfing, and an ongoing parade of apple sauce, soup, mac & cheese, ice cream. Nothing makes you feel more like a parent than packing gauze into the bloody sockets of your son's mouth (my job), or jumping up to get him something mushy to eat every few hours (June's job).

He's had an intense few weeks. Friday we brought him back from three weeks at the CTY program at Loyola Marymount. He's a "nevermore" now, too old to return next year. He took a course in cognitive psychology and worked his way through a chunk of Anderson's text.

On Saturday he had his first behind the wheel driving lesson. June and I were conducting a pretty lame yard sale and watched him be driven off by his instructor at the start of the sale and drive up and park himself as we were closing it down. Another milestone.



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