August 21, 2004

Be Seeing You

Earlier this summer we upgraded to digital cable TV, which brought our channel count up into the hundreds, most of which aren't any more worth watching than the first 70. It takes a lot of clicking to get up to the high numbers, and there are long stretches of premium channels to skip over, like:

216 - HBOGL: First run movies about giant lizards
323 - VHALB1: Music videos from Albania
603 - PPVWIQ: Pay per view Bush grammatical mistakes

But buried among the ones we DO get is BBC America on Channel 345, and there tonight I watched The Prisoner for the first time in decades. It was just as I remembered: Number 6, the Village, the foiled escape.

They'll be running the series through October and I hope to catch all 17 episodes again. Turns out I'm not alone in appreciating the series. There are fan clubs, a convention, episode guides, a board game... you name it. The Village is an actual resort in Wales that's still in business. THAT would be an interesting vacation!


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