August 18, 2004

Future Headlines

Michael Kieschnick in WorkingForChange has a list of things that the media isn't covering much now, but may bubble into the news over the next few months.

  • Who outed CIA agent Valerie Plame?
  • Who in Halliburton approved bribing a Nigerian official?
  • Did Cheney approve illegal Halliburton operations in Iran?
  • Was Representative Nick Smith offered a bribe?
  • How did Iran learn that the U.S. broke its secret code?
  • Who OK'd jamming the phone lines of a get out the vote effort in New Hampshire?

There are small signs that the media have been reaching around back and rediscovering their spines. Maybe there's a Woodward and Bernstein that will uncover the answers to these questions. Soon, I hope.


At 12:30 PM, Anonymous said...

Wilson panicked. He did not understand his wife is really CIA and he is just work. She'd been trying to get him to defect (at least twice!)and, like Keyser and other recent ones, etc.; these operation officer wives just could not get the job done! Really!

CIA is probably going back to the trainer model for the running of defectors. Plame got too many operations officers killed in Iraq(maybe she was a trainer!).

Plame lost Wilson and was toast after that. "Fair game for the bored and broke." She still has'nt paid for the money from Conde Nast and the Vanity Fair movie, but, hey, she chewed off her right arm and made some money; tough woman!


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