August 05, 2004

In Search of the Educational Wiki Killer App

Alan Levine, whose cogdogblog is always hipdeep in cutting edge technology applications for higher ed, asks the question:Where the Wikis Are or Where Are the Wikis?.

Indeed. Blogs are hot now, but wikis are still a hard sell. This is especially true in the K-12 world where everyone imagines that kids will revert to Lord-of-the-Flies savagery when given the chance to edit everything. As I've bloviated previously, having a cool technology isn't enough. It has to be embedded in a learning structure that makes sense and wrapped a task that couldn't be accomplished easily any other way.

Wiki-based WebQuests are just one possibility. Shelly Peretz has already taken that ball and run with it by creating APBioWikiWebQuest. Are there other WikiWebQuests? Other entirely different applications that carry their weight in education? This is an interesting problem to work on.


At 10:22 PM, unique_stephen said...

But i'm still looking for just the right wiki to introduce into a university.

At 9:01 AM, Lamericaana said...

I used Jotspot last semester in an ESL course at the University of Padua where I teach. It wasn't great for several reasons (no sandbox, no automatic linking of wiki-words, limited number of users, etc.) but as far as the wiki experience is concerned it was great. Wikis have a lot of potential for encouraging students to write collaboratively and are well adapted to peer review activities at higher levels in teaching a foreign language. Students enjoyed it and so did I. Other possible softwares are Peanut Butter and Writely (now, finally open after having been bought by Google) or the other option is to download a free wiki software like moinsmoins. I also used blogs but they serve different purposes. I think there is a grand future for wikis in education, especially ESL!

At 5:33 PM, Carolyn Foote said...

We have done several projects with wikis and I think any are useable at the university level.

PBwiki is fast and easy to learn and has a comments feature as well.

We did a project with wetpaint that worked very well also, other than a few technical glitches.

I have heard that DoKuWiki is excellent for downloading and building your own site.


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