September 12, 2004

Six Days in Singapore

It's been a busy time here at the lCET 2004 conference. My keynote had around a thousand in the audience, and they dutifully laughed in the right places. Lots of sessions on all the latest topics: learning objects, building online communities, constructivism in all its forms. I did a Saturday workshop at the National Institute of Education for a smaller group and they were very adept at things. Very congenial and smart.

I've been hosted magnificently all week by grad school pal John Hedberg who has the unusual distinction of being blogged about in two places thousand of miles apart during the same week, both here and in Abu-Dhabi.

More pictures here.

Tomorrow (Monday) I leave for home, and though the trip will take more than 24 hours I will, thanks to the International Dateline, be back in time to teach my game design class at 7pm on Monday.



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