November 09, 2004

Catching Up

OK... Unless Shrub does something extremely egregious while spending his political capital, I'm probably not going to blog about politics much more for awhile. We lost it fair and square, though there's a rising buzz about irregularities in the scanned ballot tabulators. Enough. Back to life as we know it.

To fill in some of the missing data from my recently blogless month, here are some snapshots from my New Zealand jaunt, and here are pictures taken around my keynote at the IEARN-Pangea conference in Callús, Spain. And some more taken in Barcelona on the weekend that followed. It was my first trip to España and I look forward to a return visit next June. Barcelona is beautiful, and the people I met were off-the-scale delightful and smart.

But the coolest picture I've taken lately is this one. What is it? Something I'd never seen until now: the back of Alex's head as he drives and I stretch out in the back seat. A few days after my return from New Zealand we decided to let him drive out to the desert to get some practice at freeway and small town driving. We ended up at the Salton Sea which, it turns out, is a lot larger than it looks on the map. Alex did very well, and his Mom was a patient coach. Pretty soon he'll be driving all the time and I'll be begging for the car keys. Another life milestone. More Salton Sea pictures here.


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