November 21, 2004

GPS In & Out of the Classroom

The last of my three 1-unit classes this semester finished up yesterday. It was the smallest class I've ever taught, but fun to prepare and carry out. EDTEC Saturday Seminar: GPS In & Out of the Classroom won't be offered again for another year at least, but I learned a lot putting it together.

We covered geocaching, travel bugs, and the use of software like Keyhole, Terrbrowser and MacGPS Pro along with websites and services like Geocoder and the Degree Confluence Project. We left the campus and found three geocaches and created one of our own to be hidden on campus next week. Good exercise for body and mind.



At 6:54 PM, Tamara said...

awww, I missed a fun class. Maybe I'll have to sign up when I am teaching and gathering units to move up on the pay scale :)

At 11:21 AM, Anonymous said...

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At 1:05 PM, cyntia_bimbo said...

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At 7:00 AM, Anonymous said...

As I was preparing to develop my first webquest as an eMINTS PD4ETS participant - and deciding to do it on something that combined by science teaching background and something I do for fun, geocaching, I came across this site/blog.
In trying to decide if I should even consider doing a webquest that is in a interest area of Bernie Dodge, a friend of mine commented - great minds think alike.
So I shall continue with my webquest - looking back (what did we do before GPS) and forward - what could be next?
Looking forward to meeting you in Columbia, MO in a couple of weeks!


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