November 10, 2004

Visited States

I know I blogged about a countries visited site once before. Here's the US equivalent showing the five states I haven't been to yet.

If I were starting all over in life, I'd seriously think about majoring in geography. I love maps and the kinds of things that computers can do with spacial data. If I had the time and talent, I'd tweak this map script so that the colors of the states were dependent on how much time you'd spent in each state. Mine would show 24 years in CA (red), 18 in CT (orange), 7 in MA (green), 5 in NY (green-blue), and and just a few days to a month or so in all the others (blue to purple). My 2 years in West Africa would go elsewhere. It would be interesting to take that information and calculate some kind of measure of nomadicness based on the dispersion weighted by the time spent. Would that number correlate with other things? I'll bet people who have lived more widely vote more liberally (or are on the run from the Law.)



At 1:39 AM, oso said...

It's possible to make this dynamically using FOAF and Foaf Explorer.

At 11:18 AM, Anonymous said...

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At 8:17 AM, Laura Moncur said...

Oh man, you are missing out with the Montana, Idaho & Wyoming trio. There is a little area at the intersection of the three that will let you hit all three states and enjoy the beautiful wildness of it all.

It's called West Yellowstone. If you stay in Island Park (Idaho), you will be able to have a bit of privacy away from all the tourists. Drive on over to West Yellowstone (Montana) and enjoy the shops, grizzy bear encounter center and pizza parlor. Take a trip into Yellowstone (Wyoming) and see the real wildlife (we saw a bear and a bald eagle last time we were there).

You'll check off three states from your list and enjoy a vacation in the wild. If you go in late May or early June, you'll miss the crowds. It'll be cold, though, and probably rainy. You've never enjoyed Yellowstone until you've seen the cold rain hiss and spit in the steaming paint pots, though.

At 6:11 PM, ButteGal said...

Hi, Bernie. Tonight I was researching your WebQuest to learn about WebQuests ... here in the beautiful state of Montana! You simply must come visit. Laura's comments were very good; however, no trip to Montana is complete without visiting its "diamond in the rough," a.k.a. Butte! Having recently done some website evaluations, I can recommend! Enjoy!


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