February 14, 2005

Not Blogging, but Not Dead

Yet again there's been a long blogless stretch and now I'm beginning to get emails from friends asking if they'd missed the funeral. Alas, it's nothing so dramatic as that. I've just been spending every spare minute on a Sooper Secret™ project that I finally revealed at the TCEA conference in Austin last week. I had two groups of 30 teachers each for a full day workshop and they gave this new thing a workout.

In general they loved it, and so now I'm even more motivated to spend every spare minute working on it. I'll roll it out for real at the NECC conference in June, but until then, if I haven't returned your call or answered your email, this is why.



At 6:07 PM, amybowllan said...

Hi Bernie,
I am so happy to have the opportunity to write to your blog. You have inspired countless teachers to use Webquests in education and boy what a difference it has made for educators! "Not blogging, but Not Dead...Thank God." You have been transformed the classroom and the teacher's tool box. I worked for NTTI back in 2001 and we modeled many of our lessons from your webquests. Thank you so much and please know that your name is the webquest originator. I also enjoy reading your blog. If you could offer advice on smoothing out how to introduce webquests to students I would greatly appreciate it. Sometimes teachers have a hard time with the "introduction to webquests" but do well on the tasks. I would love to post your response to my blog...

Best regards,
Amy Bowllan
for educators http://kfteachers.blogspot.com
for my students http://kfbroadcastjournalism.blogspot.com

At 5:21 AM, Terry said...

Hi, Bernie
This sounds very exciting. I can't make it to the NECC, so is there any chance of a sneak preview for my newsletter, Computers in Classrooms, or at least inclusion in the press release?

Details of the newsletter and me are at:



At 8:50 AM, amyemints said...

I was looking for a reason to come to NECC! Are you sure we have to wait until June to get a taste of this new "sooper secret" ?


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