April 16, 2005

April (and Alex) in Paris

Our nest is temporarily empty: on Thursday Alex left with 21 of his classmates on a week long trip to Paris. It's going to be a great adventure for him. He's been to Sweden (twice), Denmark and Lithuania, but never France and never without us. If all goes well, he'll come back a little wiser about art, French history, and maybe snails. His access to computers is limited, and it takes time to figure out the phone system, so I was tickled to hear from him this morning at the end of his second full day:

Hey, we're in Paris, and it's going well. I'll be brief; as the
keyboqrds are just weird and I have limited time on the computer.
I've been unqble to get q phone cqrd, qnd neither hqs qnyone else, so
I ,q y not be qble to cqll:

if you send ,e qn emqil; Ill get it, eventuqlly:

i'n keeping q journql; qnd tqking lots of pictures:

okqy; ill check ,y ,qil qgqin to,orroz;

bye1 i love you guys

What's with the bizarre spelling? My touch-typing QWERTY boy is having his first experience with the AZERTY keyboard. He'll adjust quickly, I'm sure. You can use this picture as a secret decoding ring.



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