April 10, 2005

Papal Pooling

I've always been fascinated by Vatican politics. The last time we went through a papal succession (twice in one month) there was no internet to spread speculation and background information. Now, it's everywhere. Nieus over de kardinalen en het conclaaf is a multilingual Belgian blog that does a nice job of compiling news reports and interviews.

Going beyond merely watching the process, a little wagering is one way to make the conclave more interesting. Poolitics has a pool going on who the next pope will be, and I'm getting ready to pitch a few dollars into the breach. I need to read up some more before betting, but I'm leaning towards Arinze or one of the Latin Americans. Best Betting had Dionigi Tettamanzi as a shoo-in earlier this week, but now Arinze has taken the lead.

Ordinarily, I think gambling is for dopes. I managed to spend three days in Vegas last week without betting a single dime. Betting on future events, on the other hand, is more interesting because a little bit of homework can give you an advantage over those who just guess. Should be an intriguing week.



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