June 28, 2005

QuestGarden Unveiled

Had a sitting-on-the-floor turnout for my session here at NECC, Overcoming Obstacles to Quicker WebQuest Creation. Seems as though much of it resonated with the group. The basic message: creating a great WebQuest the usual way takes too long. We need a better way. So I showed the new authoring environment that will be generally available on September 1. Lots of interest generated. I think I'm on the right track for once.

Powerpoint slides are available here. The archived webcast will be available here tomorrow, they say. People are blogging the conference here.

I'm cooling my jets for a few minutes. June and Alex took the train out to Lancaster to see cousin Kath. They'll be back soon and then we head out to the airport for a night flight to Madrid!



At 4:18 PM, Mrs. Suzanne Porath said...

Thank you so much from the QuestGarden. I've been using WebQuests since I saw a session about it almost 5 years ago. At my current school, I'm using text documents to create the quests and keeping them on a shared file. I'm very excited to begin using the garden!

At 7:58 PM, Smile at the World said...

Professor Dodge,

Have you heard of the website http://www.43things.com developed by Robot Co-op in Settle?

It is a popular goal-sharing social software which can also be used in WebQuest.Do you think so?

At 2:43 PM, noettel said...

Professor Dodge,

Recently, I have had the opportunity to develop a WebQuest for a recent Grad Class. Since I am in the corporate world, I had a difficult time applying the WQ framework to my specific field of Banking. I ran into resistance with regards to the time it would take for learners to explore the WQ and how would we test at the end to insure compliance for regulators.

At 5:49 PM, Bernie Dodge said...

Alter.muse... that's interesting. I was just thinking on the plane about how to adjust things for corporate training. We should talk/Skype about this and pick each others' brains. Drop me a note and let's set up a time.

At 3:55 PM, idarknight said...

I've only started to poke around with it and I'm looking at making a webquest for my wife's grade 3/4 class.

From what I've seen it looks very friendly and easy to use.

At 6:47 PM, Craig said...

I tuly like the concept and potential of Questgarden but am find it a bear. I am having all kinds of problems... Formating issues, work not being saved (I am following all instructions within the app.) and other minor anomalies.
Any thoughts or help here?

At 7:52 AM, Bernie Dodge said...

With over 12,000 QuestGarden members now, I'm amazed at the small number of technical glitch reports I'm getting. It's 3-5 a day, and half of those are from very novice people who were missing some basic concepts common to any web interface. Please write me directly, Craig, with the specifics of your problem and I'll be eager to help.

At 9:53 AM, Ruzaini said...

Prof Dodge

I've been introducing Web Quest to teachers attending in-service courses in Malaysia.It is a slow process since most of them are unaware of its existence.
I've just discovered QuestGarden,thanks.

At 5:28 AM, Chris P said...

Professor Dodge,

Making WebQuests sure have come a long way since ET 570 Fall, 2005. I'm still making them the old fashioned way and still trying to get the concept over to the teachers in Thailand. This may make it easier for them!

Keep up the Great work.
Chris P


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