September 18, 2005

Third Day in Santiago de Compostela

What a beautiful city. I just finished speaking at the Congreso Nacional do Profesorado de xeografia e historia. We've been wonderfully toured and fed, but now we're ready to get home again. Last night we saw a WebQuest authoring tool done in the Galician language that was incredibly slick. Nuria Abalde, our host, has just given me a CD by Milladoiro, a very old Galician folk music group. June took some great photos which I'll put up on Flickr soon.

We leave in a few minutes Sunday afternoon and will be home Monday morning in time for a search committee meeting and two classes. Long day ahead!



At 1:11 PM, Anonymous said...

what church was this? If it was labeled, it would be a lot easier

At 3:07 AM, Anonymous said...

This is not a "Church" but a Cathedral...


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