October 24, 2005

EASE History

Another interesting project has popped into my inbox. EASE History is a resource being developed at Michigan State University by doctoral student Brian Collins and a band of others. It's based on Rand Spiro's Cognitive Flexibility Theory, work that deserves to be more widely known by teachers than it is. EASE History provides an interface to scores of short video clips and other resources covering the 20th Century. It's designed for inquiry, engaging curiosity, compare and contrast... all the usual Good Things To Do With Your Head.

Though Cognitive Flexibility Theory tilts towards more open-ended inquiry, there's no reason that EASE History couldn't be the core resource for a more structured WebQuest. The Concept Clarification design patterns could be used to explore abstractions like stability and diversity. The Analyzing Bias pattern is tailor made for analyzing the campaign ads on the site. Other patterns, too.

I spent a half hour reminiscing about the 60s while exploring EASE History, wondering why today's antiwar protests are so tepid compared to the ones I participated in. Maybe we're still at about 1965 and just starting to wake up.



At 7:33 AM, Ted Mainella said...


where is the WQ page?


At 12:54 AM, Mr. Perry said...

EASE History - what a great find. I think that I can use this for Persuasive writing in my 5th grade classroom.



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