October 16, 2005

Word of the Day: Splog

I've been noticing this for awhile, and someone has finally given a name to it. A splog or spamblog, is a blog set up, usually on blogspot.com, to raise the page rank of links to a wide range of products and services for body part enlarging, welght-reducing, mortgage-payment-shrinking, etc.

I use Technorati to keep track of what the buzz is about WebQuests, and for awhile it was useful for finding accounts of WebQuest use in the classroom and the poignant laments of teens who had to actually stretch their minds by completing a WebQuest. Little by little, though, my Technorati searches would lead to blogs with all kinds of other stuff mashed together. It's as if they took a sentence with WebQuest in it and threw it in a blender with sentences about arthritis joint pain or golf bags. Here's an example, though with any luck, Google will squash it before you get to read it.

Why is splog a problem? According to the Fight Splog! site,

"Splog clutters the internet with useless content. Web search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN, and blog search engines such as Technorati, IceRocket and Bloglines serve to manage the huge amount of information available on the Web. Splog makes it much more difficult to find the useful information."

Tim Bray calls it an emergency.

I'm honored that the word "WebQuest" (and my own name) have achieved enough notoriety that they can now serve as bait to lure people to get-rich schemes, but I'm hoping Google can put an end to this, or maybe VeriSign. Soon.



At 8:08 PM, BeachBum said...

thats what happens when you make keywords valuable to engines, our blog at work is littered with spam :(

-- jen


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